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Power of Nature

We have succeeded in optimising the natural surfactant-, emulsifying- and dispersing properties of proteins by means of special manufacturing methods.


Plant Cultivation





Plant Protection: Wetting- and adhesive agent / Efficacy-Booster

Our biological spray additives are used in plant protection spraying mixtures in special applications (viticulture, fruit growing).

Due to their natural origin our eco-friendly spray additives can also be used in organic farming.


Products – cosmetics

PROGATOR Emulsifiers – Emulsifying with the Power of Nature

Based on an innovative complex of proteins our PROGATOR emulsifiers show a high emulsifying power even at low dosage rates. They are used successfully for the stabilisation of natural cosmetic oil in water emulsions.

Exemplary formulation recipes and application recommendations can be offered on request.

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Products –

TENSOPROT ALL PURPOSE CLEANER is a highly active, pH-neutral degreaser with a basic active component produced from renewable resources – completely biodegradable and skin friendly – with skin caring milk proteins.

Due to its high effectiveness, cleaning power and the shine finish, TENSOPROT brings exceptional cleaning results even when applied in smallest doses. Thus the all-purpose cleaner TENSOPROT is extremely economical.

We supply TENSOPROT in a 1 Liter bottle (6 x 1 or 12 x 1 L per cardboard box) and in 10 l cans.

Products –

TENSOPROT SURFACTANT BOOSTER is a highly active, natural complex of special proteinhydrolisates and polysaccharides and leads to a clear increase of the cleaning power of nonionic and anionic surfactants. In particular with alkylpolyglucosides (‘sugar-based surfactants’) and laureth sulfates we have best experiences.

One major advantage: Due to the use of our surfactant booster you can clearly reduce the content of surfactants in your cleaner formulations. In consequence, depending on the field of application, you are able to formulate cleaners without hazard labeling, despite stiffer regulations (CLP-regulation).

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