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Novaprot GmbH

Foundation: 1999
since 2014 headquarter in Reischach


It is the target of our company to discover and activate the interfacial-active, dispersing and emulsifying properties of natural proteins for the use in environment-friendly and highly efficient products. By activating the proteins’ surfactant properties we succeeded to use these natural raw materials beneficially in technical applications.

For example we achieve a high fat-solving ability at a neutral pH value. Moreover our formulations based on proteins show an excellent skin compatibility and due to their complete biodegradability the natural cycle is closed.

As a small and family-owned company it is our target to act in a flexible way and to offer our customers tailor-made solutions. We are convinced, that there are still a lot of applications for the fascinating properties of our additives produced from natural raw materials, where these functionalities can be used sucessfully.

If you want to know, whether our products are already used successfully in one of your applications, just give us a call or send us a short message. We get in touch with you and inform you about the functional properties of our products.

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History - Story

In the beginning there was the idea to activate and optimize the natural surfactant-, emulsifying- and dispersing properties of milk proteins and to use these special proteinformulations in technical applications as an alternative to conventional chemical solutions. Therefore, Wolfgang Metzger (Master’s degree in Chemistry), Dr. Christian Moser (Master’s degree in food chemistry) and Max Meier (Master’s degree in Business) founded 1999 NOVAPROT GmbH in the Innovation and Foundation Centre in Straubing (Bavaria), Germany.

After years of intense R&D activities the company removed to D-92551 Stulln near Schwandorf (north of Regensburg) in 2003. In Stulln new laboratory facilities were occupied and an own small production was built up.

Our wetting and adhesive agent for the use in plant protection applications, which is marketed in Germany under our sales partner’s brand ProNet Alfa, was the first product we could place successfully on the market in co-operation with our sales partner proagro GmbH. Moreover we were able to use the surfactant-boosting effects of our protein-complexes for the development of eco-friendly and highly-efficient cleaner formulations.

In the next step we developed natural protein-based emulsifiers, that can be used beneficially for the stabilisation of natural cosmetics and in similar applications.

Due to changes in the constitution of the shareholders in 2014 the company removed to D-84571 Reischach (east of Munich).

NOVAPROT works on new projects partly together with various cooperation partners, to develop tailor-made products resp. formulations based on renewable and environment-friendly raw materials, for example biosurfactants, for special applications.

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