New adhesive to improve the rain resistance of kaolin

With rising temperature and sun exposure, in recent years, especially in the specialised crops of fruit growing and viticulture, increasing damage from sunburn to the fruits has occured. Attempts are made to minimize sunburn damage through the use of kaolins and shading. It has been shown that after a treatment of the cultures with kaolin, e.g. of grapevines, the adhesion and rain resistance of the spray coatings have to be improved.

First sprinkling tests at the University of Geisenheim have now shown a significant improvement in the rain resistance of the spray coating of kaolin on grapevines through the use of our newly developed adhesive NOV201H. NOV201H was also able to significantly increase the rain resistance of the kaolin spray coating compared to a commercially available adhesion additive.

With NOV201H, the covering power of kaolin remained unchanged after a standardised sprinkling. The new adhesive protects kaolin coatings from being washed off as a result of rain occurances.


Kaolin (4%) before sprinkling

Kaolin (4%) after sprinkling

It can be clearly seen that kaolin is washed off the leaves by sprinkling.

However, by adding the new adhesive NOV201H, the rain resistance of kaolin is as follows:  

Kaolin (4%) + NOV201H (1%) before sprinkling

Kaolin (4%) + NOV201H (1%) after sprinkling

NOV201H protects the kaolin coating from being washed off by rain.

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