PROGATOR Emulsifiers

Emulsifying with the Power of Nature

Stabilize your creams & lotions with our natural PROGATOR emulsifiers!

Based on an innovative complex of proteins our PROGATOR emulsifiers show a high emulsifying power even at low dosage rates. They are used successfully for the stabilisation of natural cosmetic oil in water emulsions.

◊   High emulsifying power

◊   For the preparation of natural creams and lotions

◊   Silky and pleasant skin feeling even if natural plant oils are used

◊   Natural raw materials

◊   Excellent skin compatibility

◊   In compliance with natural cosmetics criteria

◊   Broad formulation range

◊   Easy processing

PROGATOR M is a natural emulsifier system for the stabilisation of cosmetic creams whereas PROGATOR ML is particularly suitable for the use in low-viscous and sprayable emulsions (lotions). PROGATOR P is based on a protein complex of plant origin and can therefore be used in vegan cosmetics.

Exemplary formulation recipes and application recommendations can be offered on request.