Plant Protection

Our biological spray additives are used in plant protection spraying mixtures in special applications (viticulture, fruit growing).

Due to their natural origin our eco-friendly spray additives can also be used in organic farming.

Wetting- and adhesive agent

The wetting- and adhesive agent ProNet Alfa® is listed in Germany as additive for use in plant protection applications.

Its use leads to an increase of the adhesive strength of the spraying mixture. Moreover it improves the penetration of the spraying mixture into the wax excretions of different parasites, e.g. Psylla pyri, one of the most important pear phytophagics, Eriosoma lanigerum (Woolly Apple Aphid), Tetranychus urticae (Red Spider Mite). In consequence the effectiveness of the applied spraying mixture is increased in special applications. The addition of our additive obtains a special effectiveness to the spraying mixture when handling hardly wettable fungi lawns of harming fungi (powdery mildew, rust fungi) or combating covered dwelling parasites and harming insects with wax like excretions.

The use of our protein-based adhesive agent can prevent the formation of spraying marks. This effect is beneficially used in various applications in ornamentals.

If you are interested in our additives for plant protection applications we are looking forward to your approach. We see additional potential for our products especially in markets abroad, where we still have no activities today.



Effect improvement

RHAPONIL®  SL – our newly developed and innovative spray-additive for improved and more efficient measures in plant protection, in particular against fungal and bacterial pests.

Boost the efficacy of your plant protection applications!

  • High wetting capability due to a surface-active, natural fermentation liquor
  • For applications in agriculture and special crops (fruits, grapes, vegetables, ornamentals)
  • Field trials in viticulture confirm a significant improvement in the effectiveness of copper applications against Downy Mildew due to our spray-additive Rhaponil SL
  • Based on the natural origin Rhaponil SL can also be used in organic farming (FiBL listed)
  • High natural surface- and interface-activity improves the penetration of the actives
  • Improved adhesive power of the spray due to protein-polysaccharide complexes in Rhaponil SL

We hope that we could arise your interest and we would be pleased to provide you with further informations.


Plant strengthening

ZEM 70 – Improver, strenghtener and enhancer of the natural defences of plants.

Help your plants to stay healthy and protect them against pests and fungal attacks!

  • ZEM 70 protects the plant and especially the young buds and fruits from the burning action of sun
  • Very high and selective cation exchange capacity of ZEM70 chabazite zeolite, combined with a high molecular absorbance property and hydrophilia, increases PREVENTIVE self defence of plants, increasing QUALI-QUANTITATIVE YIELD
  • Particularly effective on the treatment of leaves, its pseudocubic crystalline morphology makes surfaces very thorny, creating a protective barrier against pests and fungal attacks
  • ZEM 70 also mitigates damage caused by spring frosts when temperatures drop
  • Because of its natural origin, ZEM 70 can be used in the biological agriculture (fields of application: kitchen garden and fruit cultivation, VITI culture, flori culture)


Soil additives

Our environmentally friendly Chabazite zeolitite is used as an improver for crop plant nutrition in the biological agriculture.

The natural substrate addition improves roots development and productivity and reduces nitrate pollution in waste water.


Substrate addition for a better plant nutrition

ZEP 70 – A natural Chabazite zeolitite for the use as an improver and soil additive.

Reduce high nitrogen values in waste water!

  • ZEP 70 keeps the necessary nutrients close to the root area, to then slowly release them according to the plants‘ phenological needs
  • ZEP 70 drastically reduces leaching of nitrogen from fertilizers leading to a significant reduction of pollution in the water system
  • ZEP 70 supports the ammonium bond in cultivated substrates
  • Substrate studies performed at the Institute of Horticulture of the university of Weihenstephan-Triesdorf verify a high capacity of ammonium bond of ZEP 70
  • Because of the environmentally friendly and natural properties, this product and all its components are usable in biological agriculture
  • Due to the use of ZEP 70 in the substrate the addition of N-fertilizers can be reduced
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